The Anti-Armenian Statement of the USSR Government in 1953 After the Death of Stalin

The Anti-Armenian Statement of the USSR Government

After Stalin’s death on May 30, 1953, the Soviet government, neglecting the expectations and aspirations of the Armenian people, stated that “in order to maintain good neighborly relations and strengthen peace and security, the governments of Armenia and Georgia found it possible to abandon their territorial claims on Turkey.

Thus, the Soviet government declared that the Soviet Union has no complaints against Turkey.”

The anti-Armenian position of the USSR was confirmed in a number of documents. In fact, this statement by the Soviet government provoked the Turkish authorities to commit Greek pogroms in September 1955.

The continuation of the policy of the Moscow Treaty signed on March 16, 1921, once again underlines the need for a political assessment of the Bolshevik and non-Bolshevik regimes.

Yura Torosyan

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