The Arghutyan-Yerkaynabazuks, Mkhargrdzeli-Arghutashvilis, Georgian and Russian noble family of Armenian descent

The Arghutyan-Yerkaynabazuks, Mkhargrdzeli-Arghutashvilis were a Georgian and Russian noble family of Armenian descent whose double surname indicates their descent from Arghut and the family’s purported origin from the medieval house of Mkhargrdzeli (Zakaryan-Zachariads).

“Dolgorukov” is a direct Russian translation of “Mkhargrdzeli” or “Yerkaynabazuk”, literally respectively meaning in Georgian and Armenian “a long-arm”.

The founder of the family, Arghut, established himself in Lori, northern Armenia, then under Georgian control, at the end of the 15th century.

His descendants were received among the lower-class nobility (aznauri) of Georgia and enfeoffed of Sanahin, where the family’s dynastic abbey was located.

Under King Heraclius II of Georgia, the Arghutashvili family was officially recognized as descended from the Mkhargrdzeli and elevated to a princely rank (Georgian: tavadi, Russian: knyaz), a title which was confirmed by the Imperial Russian government on March 6, 1819; December 15, 1838; and November 14, 1857.

Ioane Bagrationi

Taken from: Mano Chil

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