The Armenian Nation, Propagator of Civilization – Baron August von Haxthausen, 1792-1866

The Armenian Nation, Propagator of Civilization“All studies point to the fact that the Armenian people are marked by the very will of God and chosen as the distributor of Christianity and civilization in the East. Armenians can be viewed as leaven, as the main ingredient of Asian dough designed to revive the dead spiritual life in this region.

The Armenians, in spite of everything, remained faithful to their homeland, language, traditions, Christianity and church, and their national identity.

Armenians are among the most beautiful nations on the planet. They are very proportionally built, elegant, but prone to corpulence.

They are mainly brunettes, – calm, soft, modest, and extremely educated. In the family life of this nation, the patriarchal way of life is preserved, which sharply and substantially differs from other Asian peoples in only one thing.

That is the difference in the social status of women, in the recognition of their independence, equality, and human dignity, which is expressed in the very structure of the Armenian family, as well as in the personal characteristics of Armenian women.

It seems to me that the reason for this lies in the very mission of the Armenians who – as a people of high culture and spirituality – became an intermediary and the center of the unification of Europe and Asia.”

Baron August von Haxthausen (1792-1866), a German official, economist, lawyer, and writer.

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