The Assassination of Traitor Vahe Ihsan – “The Will of the Martyrs” – Arshavir Shirakian

The Assassination of Traitor Vahe IhsanI left the house with the intention of completing the case today at any cost. It was still very early and the street was deserted. The windows of Ihsan’s apartment were closed and the curtains lowered. In order to gain time, I decided to walk down the street, pretending to be someone shopping.

My reliable and experienced comrade Arshak who had punished traitor Hmayak Aramyants accompanied me at a distance, ready to come to the rescue if necessary.

By 8 o’clock, the street has become more lively. The voices of street vendors were heard. Groups of children headed to kindergartens. A Greek woman in the house across the street quickly opened their window casements in order to sell cookies and candy to the passing children. And next to me in the butcher shop, a young Albanian was cutting up meat with a huge knife.

Finally, I saw Vahe coming to meet me. His hands were in the pockets where, as I had repeatedly seen, he had a police pistol prepared. Ihsan slowly approached me. It was noticeable from his face that he was suspicious. 10-15 steps behind him was a Turk-bodyguard.

Keeping my composure and trying to hold on naturally, I smiled as if I was greeting a good old friend of mine. I pulled my hand out of the pocket with the pistol and waved friendly to Ihsan. He had to repeat my gesture and in turn also pulled his hand out of his pocket.

I was waiting for this moment. I immediately pulled out my gun and fired. The bullet hit not his forehead where I aimed but his throat. The traitor tried to, on one hand, to pull his weapon out of the pocket and to call for help on the other. The bodyguard-cop disappeared, hearing the bang of the shot.

The second bullet hit Ihsan’s hand. Realizing that he could not use his weapon, he took flight. I fired in his direction twice again and began to chase him.

A stir occurred on the street. From the windows, various items were being thrown at me, but none of the passersby dared to intervene.

After a short run, Ihsan fell down, and his head hit the stone. Two more bullets hit the traitor, but they were not fatal. Ihsan was still trying to get up, but he could not.

Various items were poured at me down from the windows, which strongly obstructed my path. Taking advantage of this, Ihsan managed to pull the pistol out of his pocket, but I did not give him the opportunity to shoot. I literally fell on him and unloaded the remaining bullets in his head.

I stepped back but then came closer to make sure that the villain was dead. His head was completely smashed. The very head that for many years has been the cause for the suffering and death of innocent Armenians.

Arshavir Shirakian: The Will of the Martyrs

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