The Battle of Avarayr Explained in a Video

The Battle of Avarayr Explained in a VideoBelow is a great video describing one of the most iconic battles in the Armenian history, the Battle of Avarayr, which took place in 451 AD. Its significance is in the fact that it helped the Armenians preserve both their identity and Christian views.

The Battle of Avarayr (also known as the Battle of Vartanantz) took place on May 26, 451 AD. It was fought on the Avarayr Plain in Vaspurakan between the Armenian army under the command of Vardan Mamikonian, and the Sassanid Persia. In spite of being severely outmatched, the Armenian army demonstrated that it is nearly impossible to subdue the Armenian people. While the Persians in the end won the battle, in the grand scheme, the battle was a major strategic victory for the Armenians. After all, the Battle of Avarayr opened the doors to the Nvarsak Treaty that would acknowledge the right of the Armenians to freely practice Christianity.

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The Battle of Avarayr 451 AD

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