The Battle Of Omar Pass

Exactly 26 years ago, the final phase of one of the most ambitious and bloody battles of the Artsakh war, the battle for the Omar Pass, began. On February 12, 1994, in severe winter and under heavy snowfall, the units of the NKR Defense Army launched a counterattack in the highland areas of the Karvachar district.

After striking the right flank and the center of the enemy near the heights of Chichagli, Bahla, and Buzdukh, the Armenian troops broke through the enemy defenses on the very first day of combat and dismembered the Kelbajar grouping of the Azerbaijani army.

On February 13 and 14, the road from the Omar pass to Karvachar and part of the Omar pass itself were taken under control by the Armenians. The major route of Ganja-Karvachar which was used by the Azerbaijanis for supply and reinforcement transportation was captured as well.

On February 15, Armenian units occupied the road on an important section of the front between the villages of Yanshakh, Gamyshly, and Chaply. This allowed the Armenians to surround the 130th and 701st enemy brigades.

While attempting to escape north through a narrow passage, Azerbaijani units were met by murderous rockets from the Grad systems. Those of the few surviving Azerbaijani soldiers who managed to escape from the encirclement would perish from hypothermia, disappear, or be captured.

To prevent a catastrophe, the Azerbaijani command hastily transferred additional reserves from the Aghdam and Martakert directions to the Mrav Range, but to no avail. As a result of the brilliantly conducted operation, on February 18, the northern section of the front, including the Omar Pass and the entire Karvachar District, was completely liberated.

The 4th army corps of the Azerbaijani army was smashed – 5-6 thousand Azerbaijani soldiers from the crops were killed, froze to death, went missing, or were captured.

The 4th army corps was commanded by Lieutenant General Najmeddin Sadikhov. Now, you can find “entertaining” footage online where the general is cursing and sending the weakly motivated and demoralized mass called “national army” for slaughter.

Today, with the rank of Colonel-General, Sadikhov is the Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Azerbaijan, and from time to time, he gives us additional time to change our minds.

We will always remember our guys who in inconceivable conditions went on, broke the spine of the enemy army, and won. Eternal gratitude and eternal glory to you guys!

Աշոտ Սաֆարյան

Photo by Vagan Mkrtumyan
Photo by Աշոտ Սաֆարյան
Photo by Աշոտ Սաֆարյան

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