The Budget of the Armenian Army in 1919

The Budget of the Armenian Army in 1919We present to your attention an interesting historical document. It introduces preliminary costs for the Armenian National Army. The document was prepared in 1919 by the Government of the First Republic of Armenia and approved on January 10 at the 59th assembly of the Armenian Parliament.

“Issues of the agenda. The first paragraph of the document does not concern the Army, for this reason, it is omitted.

The second paragraph of the protocol on the preliminary costs of the military department. Speaker MP Babalyan.

Babalyan: “The military commission for 1919 includes the following costs: ensuring supply —24,953,378 rubles, artillery — 456,000 rubles, engineering works — 32,520 rubles, technical costs — 241,020 rubles, healthcare — 177,700 rubles, apartment supply – 2,311,302 rubles, special costs – 240,000 rubles, expenses at the military department of Lori district – 23,600 rubles. Total – 28,435,520 rubles.”

Minutes from the 1918-1920 sitting of the RA Parliament Yerevan, National Archive, 2010, page 143.

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