The city of Mardin in the country of Armenian kings

The historical and cultural importance of Mardin cannot be overstated. This ancient city is not only remarkably old but also incredibly well-preserved. In recognition of its historical significance, UNESCO placed the entire city under its protection in 1960 to ensure its preservation for future generations.

Before Mardin, only Venice had been accorded such an honor. Much like Venice, Mardin’s unique architecture has been preserved due to its remote location.

However, Mardin is not the only city known for being built on steep slopes. For instance, consider the Italian city of Erice, which is constructed entirely on a hilltop. This type of architecture was common in medieval Europe as a defensive strategy against potential conquerors. Indeed, there are numerous examples of such towns and villages.

Nevertheless, it was Mardin that UNESCO chose to protect first. This distinction attests to Mardin’s unparalleled historical and cultural significance, a testament that certainly speaks volumes.

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