The Coat of Arms of Armenia of the Second Half of the 19th Century

The Coat of Arms of Armenia

In the 19th century, an Armenian coat of arms was created on the basis of an 18th-century Armenian military emblem, which in turn had been based on the depictions of traditional values and images on the coats of arms of other regions of Armenia.

In 1920, the coat of arms of the First Republic of Armenia was improved by Hakob Kojoyan and Alexander Tamanyan on the basis of the coat of arms described above. A number of significant changes were made.

Particularly, the emblems of the four core traditional values were improved. For example, the shield held by a lion was completely replaced by an eagle. The quiver, flags, and the crown depicted under the shield were replaced with other emblems such as a sword, ribbon, broken chain, feather, and stem of wheat.

Gevork Nazaryan

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