The Cognac Of The N. Tairov Company – Yerevan

The first wine and brandy factory in Yerevan and whole Transcaucasia was built by the merchant of the first guild and philanthropist Nerses Aghajanovich Tairyan in 1887. Since 1887, the Tairyan factory has produced brandy labeled “Cognac: N. Tairov’s Company in Yerevan”, which, thanks to its unique taste and aroma, quickly became very popular.

In 1899, the company was leased by the famous Russian partnership “N. L. Shustov and Sons” because Tairyan had health and financial problems and no direct heirs.

At the beginning of the 20th century, the Shustov and Sons company received the status of the supplier of Armenian cognac to the court of Nicholas II.

After the Sovietization of Armenia, the enterprise was nationalized. In 1923, all alcohol production in Armenia was united in the Ararat Trust. In the late 1940s, it was decided to separate cognac production, and in 1949, the construction of a new building began. In 1953, the factory moved to the new building and was renamed the “Yerevan Brandy Factory”.


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