“The Dark Story Of Young Turk And Communist Salih Zeki (Kusharkov)” – Book By Armenian Historian Arsen Avagyan Published In Istanbul

In Istanbul, the Turkish Foundation for Social and Historical Research has published a book by Armenian historian, Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor Arsen Avagyan. The book is titled “The Dark Story of Young Turk and Communist Salih Zeki (Kusharkov)”. This was reported by Akunq.net with reference to the foundation’s website.

According to the source, in this book, Arsen Avagyan covers not only the history of the communist movement in Turkey but also Salih Zeki, who played a significant role in the implementation of the Armenian Genocide. As a reminder, Zeki was the governor of the Deir ez-Zor sanjak during the genocide. Later, Salih Zeki became the founding head of the Turkish Communist Organization.

Thanks to the monograph, for the first time, documents from the archive of the Prime Minister of the Ottoman Empire and archives of the Russian state political and social history of Russia (which present the real dates of birth and death of Salih Zeki, as well as some other important information about him) have been introduced into scientific circulation.

Thanks to this valuable research, the author makes a significant contribution to the study of the history of the Armenian Genocide and the founding process of the Turkish Republic.

Meline Anumyan Akunq.net

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