“The Day Of Soviet Occupation” In Azerbaijan

April 28 in Azerbaijan is “the day of Soviet occupation”. This phrase is an outrageous oxymoron.

Russia in the literal sense of the word created the Azerbaijani nation. Back in the days, the current Azerbaijanis were called Tatars. For the first time, the term “Azerbaijanis” was mentioned in the 1936 census of the USSR.

In the literal sense of the word, Russia gave Azerbaijanis surnames with Slavic endings which the majority of Azerbaijanis still bear. Russia showed them what education and school are by teaching them to write and read. Russia showed them the benefits of civilization, massively relocating them from villages to houses. In the end, Russia gave them statehood.

Azerbaijan first appeared on the world map in 1918 on the ruins of the Russian Empire. Then, on April 28, 1920, the very same Azerbaijan voluntarily allowed the 11th Red Army into the country and, together with it, declared an ultimatum demanding that Armenia join the USSR on May 1, 1920. For such humility, Azerbaijan received as a gift two regions of Armenia – Karabakh and Nakhichevan.

As for the occupation, here is an excerpt from the diary of Kemal Ataturk:

“The initiative shown by the Soviet Republic was expressed by it sending the X and XI armies to the Caucasus, to the Eastern Front. With our influential assistance and support, these armies easily crossed the North Caucasus and entered Azerbaijan. Azerbaijanis met the arrived troops with complete calm.”

What ingratitude!


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