The Death of Language is the Death of Nation – Garegin Nzhdeh

The Death of Language is the Death of Nation – Garegin NzhdehThere is the term “mother tongue”, the language of Parents, of Homeland, of Nation. The further existence of any Nation depends on the purity of the language since the future of the Family is determined not only by fertilization but also by the spiritual and mental development conditioned by linguistic thinking.

The distorted language leads to distorted perception, from which distorted values arise. People no longer can differentiate between will and desire, form and formality, goodness and profit, capacity and volume.

The genus loses its qualities and turns into vermin. The return course is inhibited by selfishness and blocked by illusions, and the realization of the unavoidability of suffering prevails.

Garegin Nzhdeh

In fact, in order to overcome suffering, it is sufficient to only realize the difference between these three words, which correspond to the guṇas: sattva, rajas, and tamas:

Nation – constructive, people – passion, vermin – ignorance.

You can further disclose the characteristic-distinctive manifestations of these forms of existence.


  • Nation – power, people – effort, vermin – violence.
  • Nation – conviction, people – opinion, vermin – doubt.
  • Nation – belief, people – superstition, vermin – disbelief.
  • Nation – freedom, people – wishes, vermin – whim.
  • Nation – evolution, people – revolution, vermin – involution.
  • Nation – beauty, people – attractiveness, vermin – sexuality.
  • Nation seeks to develop, people seek existence, vermin seek destruction.
  • Nation seeks verity, people seek truth, vermin seek justification.
  • Nation says the beautiful truth, people say the bitter truth, vermin say beautiful lies.
  • Nation speaks, people talk, vermin yells.
  • Nation creates, people build, vermin tear down.

We can enumerate a lot of other similar examples, but this should not turn into a kind of criticism because criticism is a bad truth and contains a seed of selfishness. It is better to use the free time for the revival and glorification of the Nation’s laws of life.

Glory to the God! Glory to the Heavenly Genus! Glory to our Ancestors, Goddesses, and Gods!

Garegin Nzhdeh

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