The Defeat Of The Turkish Army In The Bash Aparan Battle

The culmination of the Armenian-Turkish clashes was the decisive Bash-Aparan battle.

On May 21, 1918, the Turkish army decided to launch an attack on Yerevan. On this day, the Turks were in a mere 120 kilometers from the city.

Movses Silikyan, the commander of the Armenian army, decided not to make a major clash with the Turks. Instead, Silikyan instructed Dro to select one thousand shooters and intercept the Turkish army.

The well-armed detachment of Dro occupied the gorge in Bash Aparan. On May 23, the detachment not only stopped the Turkish offensive but also launched a counterattack.

On May 29, the third regiment of the Turkish army was defeated. Devastated Armenia without any foreign assistance gained independence by securing its capital.


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