The Destruction of Armenian Heritage in Soviet Azerbaijan

The Destruction of Armenian Heritage

In the village of Tsar in the Shahumyan district of the Artsakh Republic, Azerbaijani mountain architects built an Azerbaijani school from Armenian cross-stones in Soviet times.

Based on the video below, we can conclude that Azerbaijani vandalism has always existed – at the beginning of the 20th century, in Soviet years, and even now.

During the era of the Khachen principality, Tsar was one of the centers of Artsakh, the residence of the Dopian princely family.

At the beginning of the 19th century, it was destroyed during Turkish raids. Then, it was “freed” from the Armenians, settled by Kurds, and forcibly attached to Soviet Azerbaijan.

Since 1993, Tsar has been free – it has been liberated. One day, you should definitely visit this beautiful corner of nature and history.

Հողերը կպահենք մինչև վերջ. Ա. Քանանյան

Ծար գյուղ Село Цар The village of Tsar

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