The Disappeared Enemies of the Armenians

The Disappeared Enemies of the ArmeniansIn ancient times, the Armenians had many enemies. All of them disappeared, even those that beat the Armenians in both numbers and power. From those empires, only ruins are left, and the only thing reminding about their inhabitants is memories of historians.

One of these enemies were Babylonians living south of Armenia. The two states were either in wars or in fruitful trade throughout their existence. Mainly, the Armenians were engaged in export and brought their goods to Babylonia via the Euphrates River.

Once, the Armenian king Aram decided to undertake a successful military campaign against the Babylonians. The Babylonian troops were smashed and their king was taken prisoner.

The king was brought to the city of Van. By the order of Aram, he was nailed through his forehead to the gates of the city so that his corpse hung over the entrance before the eyes of all people entering and leaving Van. Such was the fate of the tyrant who for many years dreamed of conquering the Armenians.

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