The Elimination of Viktor Polyanichko, the Organizer of the Operation Ring in Artsakh

The Elimination of Viktor PolyanichkoViktor Polyanichko was the Second Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Azerbaijan. He organized the Operation Ring aimed at the deportation of the Armenian population from Artsakh.

Within the scope of the operation, the Soviet army together with the Azerbaijani riot police proceeded to exile the Armenians from their lands like cattle, not sparing anyone, even children. A video of those terrible events is posted below.

“We will put Armenians climbing out from all mountains back into their place,” said Polyanichko to the Azerbaijani population of Artsakh (Karabakh) back then.

The Armenians did not understand this “joke” and decided to get rid Mr. Polyanichko. And it should be noted that they tried to do it very elegantly at first.

During the first attempt, Armenian highlanders decided to ram Polyanichko’s car with a truck and push the bastard into the abyss. The deed was done, but Polianichko was not in the car.

The second attempt took place at the railway station of Stepanakert. The railroad staff-car in which Polyanichko was supposed to be was blown up. But a few minutes before the explosion, Polyanichko exited the railroad car.

The third attempt was made during a meeting in a government building in the city of Stepanakert. Polyanichko was shot at from a rocket launcher from the outside while he was in his office. Polyanichko survived again, although he received a severe concussion.

Realizing that fortune could not forever save himself from the insane Armenians, Polyanichko decided to depart to North Ossetia, his birthplace. But if Armenians stubbornly want something, they achieve it.

On August 1, 1993, Armenians eventually caught their old client in Ossetia when he rushed to a meeting with his military commander.

Viktor Petrovich’s car was riddled with bullets: 15 bullets were found in his body. Along with him were killed an officer from the Alpha unit Viktor Kravchuk and General Anatoly Koretsky.

Deportation of Armenians from Karabakh – Artsakh

Депортация Армян из Карабаха

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