“The Enemy is Afraid of Silence” – Garegin Nzhdeh

"The Enemy is Afraid of Silence"From memories of Garegin Nzhdeh.

“I…,” the commander of the company tried to justify himself, “I wanted to say that we ran out of ammunition.”

“But who said that a victory can only be achieved with plenty of armament? Very often, the winning side shoots the least. It is the coward that every now and then makes noise, giving out his fear. The enemy is not afraid of a rifle, a machine gun, or a cannon but of complete silence.

There is nothing worse than a silent offensive, especially at night when every stone, bush, everything that can attract the eye and wake up the imagination turns into an attacking enemy. A dozen silently advancing fighters is a whole regiment, company, a whole army for those defending.

At night, darkness, silence, rocks are the attacker’s allies. And when we – the hosts of these mountains – attack, we are accompanied by the thirsty shadows of those who despised death before us and fell on these sacred heights.

When we attack, with us is also the mighty spirit of our mountains. In order not to feel any shortage of ammunition, we will be faithful to the elemental forms of our blessed strategy. Let our fate be the night fight. We’ll strike as strikes death – silently and unexpectedly.

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