The Espionage of an Azerbaijani Diplomat in 1919-1920 – The Armenian National Security Service’s Declassified Documents

The Espionage of an Azerbaijani Diplomat

1919. This spring, a nationalist and diplomat named Khan Tekinsky was sent from Azerbaijan to Armenia. Back in the years of the First Republic, Baku spared no efforts to destroy Armenia from within and undermine the foundations of statehood.

From the very first day of his arrival in Yerevan, the security agencies watched the “diplomat.” It was obvious that Tekinsky, taking advantage of his diplomatic immunity, was actually engaged in espionage, reporting on many areas, including the structure and armament of the Armenian army.

Simon Vratsian in his memoirs writes:

“Great efforts were made to blow up Armenia from the inside, in particular, in 1919, the pro-Turkish agent Khan Tekinsky was sent to Yerevan to organize a Muslim uprising in Armenia.”

Tekinsky in every possible way impeded the joining of Sharur and Nakhichevan with Armenia and through secret telegrams informed his government about the military-political situation in the south and elsewhere. He maintained secret contacts with the local Tatars, prompting them to revolt.

A significant part of the secret correspondence was about the Armed Forces of Armenia where information was provided on the strength, types of weapons, and other key data about the Armenian army. After studying the activities of the spy, the Armenian government demanded that Azerbaijan withdraw its “diplomat”.

Source: Republic of Artsakh Group

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