The Fate of The Armenians – Raffi, “David Bek”

The Fate of The Armenians

The fate of Armenia is marked by some kind of curse: it gives birth to great people who only serve other nations. Since ancient times, Armenia has given its best sons to foreign countries, both near and far.

Among the statesmen of Babylon and Egypt, the first place belongs to the Armenians. They gave Rome and Byzantium not only commanders but also emperors. In the most critical moments of history, Armenian soldiers saved fearsome Persia.

Wild Mongols from the depths of Central Asia, led by Armenian commanders, trampled entire states. Arab caliphs of Baghdad and Damascus took possession of so many countries with the hands of the Armenians. Crusaders owe their best battles to the brave Armenians.

Even the kingdoms of faraway India have long enjoyed our services.

Why do I give so many examples? Which country, which people, which kingdom hasn’t benefited from communication with the Armenians?! Even Georgia – how many times it has used our help!

But it has never felt gratitude, it has always remained ungrateful. If this careless, carefree people still exist today, then they owe that to us.

Armenia, as a natural shield, has always protected Georgia from the invasions of the Persians, Arabs, and Mongols. Barbarians rolling in from the east have ruthlessly attacked Armenia and rolled back, while Georgia has been hiding behind our backs.

But if we happened to ask the Georgians for help, they would always get off with false promises. And the Armenian, the naive Armenian, has always kept loyalty, has always sacrificed himself for the sake of others. Not caring about his house, forgetting about his own troubles, he has lived by others’ interests.

He has left the ruins of his country to build other palaces. Having forgotten about the dead throne and scepter of his Homeland, he has praised someone else’s banner. Haven’t you become convinced of this, reading our history? This is our disease. We do not know how to serve ourselves – for this, we are very weak, and for outsiders, we are talented and know everything.

Raffi,David Bek

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