The Heroic Feat Of Sparapet Tatul During The Seljuk Invasion Of Armenia

Rely on your own strength. The strength and feat of Sparapet Tatul

In 1054, King Gagik I Bagratuni heroically resisted the Seljuks in Vanand. At that time, the Seljuks were invading Armenia under the leadership of Sultan Tughril.

In the battle against the Seljuks, commander Tatul Vanandetsi distinguished himself by breaking through the ranks of the Seljuks and seriously wounding the son of Emir Arsuba. However, Tatul was surrounded and captured by the Seljuks.

Tughril told Tatul: “If the son of Emir Arsuba survives, I will free you, but if he dies, I will order you to be killed.”

Tatul proudly and confidently replied:

“If he got hit by me, he won’t survive.”

And so it happened. The wounded died after severe suffering. The Sultan ordered to kill Tatul – his hand was also cut off and sent to Emir Arsuba as a sign of consolation, with the accompanying message saying that his son had died at the hands of a hero.

Gevork Nazaryan

Painting by Julian Zasso (19th-century Italian painter): “Brave Tatul Vanandetsi before dictator Tughril”

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