The House Where Aram Manukian Negotiated With Khalil Kut Pasha

The House Where Aram Manukian

One of the real founders of the First Republic of Armenia, Aram Manukian, has lived in this house from 1917 to 1919. Here, he died of typhoid fever on January 29, 1919.

In this very house, Aram met Khalil Kut Pasha on August 31, 1918. This meeting was also attended by the representative of Germany von Kress along with Baron Frankenstein, representative of Austria-Hungary.

On the Armenian side, in addition to Aram Manukian, the meeting was attended by Prime Minister Hovhannes Kajaznuni, Parliament Speaker Avetik Sahakyan, and Armenian Ambassador to Georgia Arshak Jamalyan.

Issues related to the withdrawal of Turkish troops from the neutral zone of Lori and many other issues related to relations between Armenia and the Ottoman Empire were discussed. It was during these negotiations that Manukian was able to receive a promise from Khalil Pasha on the supply of 400 thousand kilograms of wheat.


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