The Judiciary of the First Republic of Armenia

Finance, Trade, and Industry

From the point of view of legal proceedings, Armenia was subordinate to Tiflis until 1918. In Armenia, there was only one district court and several magistrates’ courts. A court of cassation did not exist as well.

Legal proceedings were carried out in Russian. After the declaration of independence, the Ministry of Justice of Armenia was created. On December 5, 1918, according to the law, the Supreme Court with civil, criminal, and administrative departments was created.

Then, the jury institute was introduced. All legal proceedings were nationalized and turned into Armenian. District courts were established in Yerevan, Shirak, and Kars. In all the provinces were established magistrates’ courts.

An Armenian dictionary of legal terms was developed and published, which is still used and which still has no equal.

Armenian legislation was established, draft laws were developed, and work began on the translation of Western works on legislation.

An excerpt from the book “Wanderings” by the last Prime Minister of the First Republic of Armenia Simon Vratsian.

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