The Key To The Treasury Of Etchmiadzin – Ashot Hovhannisyan

The Key To The Treasury Of Etchmiadzin

It so happened that many pages of the history of Armenia were hidden from us. Each period had its own reasons for concealment and even falsification of the history of Armenia.

One of the latest reasons was the Soviet system which essentially turned out to be a continuation of the system of the Russian Empire aimed at destroying the national identity of the colonized nations.

By the way, today, this policy continues and pursues the same goals. What is happening in Armenia is a clear testimony to this, especially with regard to history, culture, and language.

We imply the policy of the Ministry of Education of Armenia essentially aimed at banning the study of history, culture, and language in Armenian universities. Armenia has experienced such a policy more than once throughout its ancient history, and we already know for sure where the attacks on the Armenian identity today come from.

As a result of the imperial policy, nations under pressure begin to forget their roots along with the people who have actively participated in the establishment and maintenance of the national identity of the colonized nations.

As of today, there is a huge number of nations, nationalities, and tribes that have ceased to exist, having completely lost their identity.

The Armenians managed to maintain their identity through centuries mainly thanks to their resistance, memory, and desire to convey the history of their ancestors by word of mouth even in the most difficult of situations.

One of such preserved bits of history was brought up by Ashot Hovhannisyan. Connected to little-known pages of history, it has been told to him by his grandfather Leon Andreevich Hovhannisyan. Particularly, it concerns Avetik Isahakyan’s participation in Operation Nemesis (read more: “Avetik Isahakyan in Operation Nemesis”). The story is published below.

The key to the treasury of Etchmiadzin

“There is another interesting story related to Avetik Isahakyan and my grandfather academician Leon Andreevich Hovhannisyan. Before his expected death, Catholicos Gevorg VI Chorekchyan secretly called Avetik Isahakyan and my grandfather and handed them the key to Etchmiadzin‘s treasury and indicated its secret location.

The background was as follows – the Catholicos had been summoned and obliged to hand the church treasury over to the state, which was followed by a refusal: ‘These treasures belong to the Armenian people.’ Knowing what awaited him, Catholicos had called Isahakyan and my grandfather and ordered to transfer the treasury to the next Catholicos.

The key was stored in my grandfather’s house. When Vazgen I became Catholicos, my grandfather instructed Avetik Isahakyan and my father and later doctor of architecture Konstantin Hovhannisyan to transfer the key and convey the treasury’s location to the new Catholicos. They handed over the key and, most importantly, indicated the location since breaking the door would not have been difficult.

When Vazgen I opened the door and offered them to come in, neither father nor Isahakyan went inside: ‘We have no right to enter.’

These two great people risked their lives to save what belonged to the Armenian people. My father told me this story a year before his death in 1983.”

Ashot Hovhannisyan

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