The Kingdom of Bagratids in Armenia

The Kingdom of Bagratids in Armenia

Bagratid Armenia arguably is the most interesting period in the history of Armenia, not counting Artaxiad Armenia, which unfortunately is very little studied due to lack of information.

What was the value of Bagratid Armenia? It was its governmental system that was set up, launched, and doomed to prosperity. Such a governmental system could exist for millennia if it were not for the extremely unreasonable, envious, fanatical, and treacherous attitude of the rust mechanism called the Byzantine Empire.

After the fall Bagratid Armenia, the Byzantine Empire ceased to exist almost immediately. The collapse of Byzantium was natural, cruel, and lightning-fast.

Below are two videos of historian Artak Movsisyan which detail the historical period of the Bagratid dynasty in Armenia.

Hopefully, someday, more detailed sources will be found on the history of Armenia of the Artaxiad dynasty, a period that can reveal a lot of interesting and unique issues in state management, including those in Bagratid Armenia which was at least ten times as large as present-day Armenia.

Բագրատունյաց թագավորությունը Հայաստանում (I Մաս)

Բագրատունյաց թագավորությունը Հայաստանում.(II Մաս) Զաքարյան իշխանապետությունը.

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