The Legend of the Cold Spring of Parandzem

The Legend of the Cold Spring of ParandzemIt has been the toughest period on the war against the Persians. When Persian troops invaded the Armenian kingdom, only King Arshkak, who had been abandoned by the majority of the noblemen, continued to bravely defend his country. Unfortunately, he was captured and imprisoned during negotiations with the Persians.

Although Armenia had been conquered by the hostile army, several impregnable citadels still remained in the country. One of those citadels was the Artagers Fortress located in Arsharunik, the defense of which was set up by Queen Parandzem, the wife of Arshak. Assuming the position of her captive husband, she became a symbol of courage and perseverance.

The Persians managed to seize the fortress and capture the queen only after a devastating plague had broken out within its walls, taking all its defenders. The beautiful, smart, and noble queen was then brought to Tizbon and subjected to a terrible and disgraceful execution.

Thereafter, the places where she had been born and had lived received a sacred status. The royal fortress of Baghaberd housed a cold spring, which Parandzem had used to drink water from during her trips in the fortress’ gardens. After the queen’s death, mothers started to bring their daughters to the spring. Some say that upon drinking from the spring, the maidens became as gorgeous, smart, and strong as Parandzem.

And one day, the spring dried out, but Armenians continued to visit this beautiful place. There, they carefully laid their hands on the cold stones in hopes of receiving the wisdom and majesty of the queen.

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