The List of Enterprises Established in Turkey by The Order of Lenin and Stalin

We present to your attention the important fact of the assistance of the Soviet Union to Turkey in 1924-1938. This is a list of industrial enterprises and factories that were established in Turkey by Ataturk by the orders of first Lenin and then Stalin.

It is worth noting that the technology of the plants was brought to Turkey from the USSR. Soviet engineers were directly involved in the construction of the plants. There are also facts on indirect Soviet aid through loans with low interest rates.

It is interesting that those people in Turkey who considered themselves the enemies of Stalin and communism could not explain the reason for Stalin’s assistance. And the main cherry on this aid cake was the medal for the completion of the construction of “Turkstroy” in 1934.

In turn, we want to once again remind you of the Russian-Turkish Treaty “On Friendship and Brotherhood” of March 16, 1921, which destroyed Armenia then and continues to destroy now.

Comment by Tigran Khzmalyan, from Ruben Shukhyan

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