The Moscow Treaty Ceased To Exist In 1925

Did you know that the ill-fated Moscow Treaty of 1921 actually ceased to exist after 1925?

The Moscow Treaty of March 16, 1921, was signed (attention here!) by the Bolshevik government of unrecognized Soviet Russia, of which Armenia was not at all part. On the other hand, the agreement was signed not by a state but by the Kemalist movement in Turkey. This agreement was just a deal between two rebel movements.

Furthermore, the USSR was established, and Soviet Armenia became part of it only on December 30, 1922, and the Turkish Republic was proclaimed on October 2, 1923. A new official agreement was signed between the two new states (the USSR and Turkey) in Paris on December 17, 1925, which was signed by Chicherin and Ryushtu bey. Thus, the old Moscow treaty became invalid and was, of course, terminated.

After that, on March 19, 1945, the USSR officially declared the Soviet-Turkish interstate agreement of December 17, 1925, null and void, which at that time was the only legal agreement.

Thus, from all points of view, the Moscow Treaty actually does not exist since December 1925. For this reason, it cannot be extended.

Ruben Shukhyan

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