The Neutralization of Azerbaijani Guard Posts Bombarding Stepanakert – 1991

The Neutralization of Azerbaijani Guard PostsThe neutralization of Azerbaijani guard posts in Krkzhan began on December 26 – 27, 1991, and was completed on January 19 – 20, 1992. Since 1990, Krkzhan, a quarter of Stepanakert, the capital of the Artsakh Republic, has been a defensive fortification of the Azerbaijanis. From there, they bombarded Stepanakert.

In the spring of 1991, an Armenian voluntary defensive unit was formed in Krkzhan under the command of B. Sargsyan. Voluntary units “Aram”, “Arsen”, “Vardan”, “Saro”, “Lyova”, “Andranik”, “Karo”, “Gena”, “Beno”, “Gago”, “Slavik”, as well as a couple of others – with 260 soldiers overall – were deployed in the areas of the district controlled by Armenians. Arkadi Ter-Tadevosyan was the commander of the Armenian forces.

In November 1991, the police and army units of the USSR were withdrawn from Artsakh. Anticipating the consequences of the formation of Armenian defensive units in Artsakh, the Azerbaijanis would organize the delivery of armament into the areas under their control. Having occupied the Krzhkan-Stepanakert road, they shelled the capital.

On the December 26 to December 27, the Armenian units attacked the positions of the Azerbaijanis outside of Krkzhan. Having lost 4 soldiers, the Armenians retreated. After a short pause, they resumed their attack.

The Armenian units managed to neutralize the guard posts of the Azerbaijanis in residential buildings and a school and captured 8 soldiers. In early January, the Armenians captured the heights surrounding Krkzhan, as well as segments of the Krkzhan – Gaybali and Krkzhan – Kesalar roads.

On January 19 – 20, the Armenians carried out the final offensive to liberate Krkzhan. They entered the district and quickly eliminated all the enemy guard posts. The Azerbaijanis without considerable resistance retreated to Daybali. The bombardment of Stepanakert was put to an end.

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