The Pages of the Turkish-Bolshevik Novel

The Pages of the Turkish-Bolshevik Novel

We present to your attention a few pages from a Turkish-Bolshevik novel.

Karl Marx, the founder of the communist idea

“A pious deed for Christian states would be the collapse of the Ottoman Empire.”

Anastas Mikoyan, Armenian Bolshevik

“Armenian chauvinists, relying on imperialist allies, are promoting a chimerical idea of creating ‘Greater Armenia’ on historical Armenian lands.

They are not worried about the absence of Armenians and the presence of an exclusively Muslim population there. Our party does not support the idea of either a ‘Greater’ or ‘Minor’ Turkish Armenia.”

Erich Ludendorff, a German commander

“The main reason for the defeat of the German army on the western front was the lack of fuel since the Turks could not capture Baku in time, as well as the Armenians who were an obstacle to the seizure of Baku.”

Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, Turkish revolutionary statesman

“The Turkish government takes on military action against imperialist Armenia (from a letter to Lenin dated April 26, 1920).”

Vladimir Lenin, the founder of the Bolshevik dictatorship

“We have to temporarily sacrifice the interests of the Armenian working people for the sake of the world revolution. Keep in mind, comrades, that we are not going to fight against anyone for Armenia, especially against Kemal.

Joseph Stalin, Georgian revolutionary and Soviet politician

“You can’t endlessly maneuver between the parties, it is necessary to provide support specifically to one of them, in this case, of course, to Azerbaijan together with Turkey. I spoke with Lenin, he does not object.”

Avis Nurijanyan, Armenian Bolshevik

“The main goal of our coup is a merciless war against the Dashnaks. The confidence of the Turks against the Dashnaks is strong enough to destroy them.”

Joseph Stalin

“Armenia should forever abandon not only the mindless imperialist aspirations but also the modest dream of joining the so-called ‘Armenian lands’ to the Motherland”.

A quote from the article entitled “Armenia and Turkey” from March 4, 1921

“Comrade Lenin, only yesterday, I learned that Chicherin has actually for some time made stupid (and provocative) demands on the Turks: namely, to leave Van, Mush, and Bitlis to the Armenians.

This Armenian imperialistic demand cannot be our demand. It is necessary to prohibit Chicherin from sending notes to the Turks at the request of nationalist Armenians.”

Ali Fuat Cebesoy, Ambassador of the Kemal Government in Moscow

“After the release of the murderer Talaat Pasha, it becomes clear that the leaders of İttihad ve Terakki Cemiyeti (Committee of Union and Progress, the party of the Young Turks) can only take refuge in Moscow.”

Artashes Karinyan, Armenian Bolshevik, academician

“It is necessary to put an end to the idea of gathering Armenians in Armenia, an idea that still lives in the minds of the masses. The lack of land resources is the cause of the development of the nationalist romance and the desire of the Armenians to own their historical lands, as well as the cause of the bright and lively idea of a ‘united and independent Armenia.’

Therefore, you must first:

  1. Put an end to the idea of gathering Armenians in Armenia, and then:
  2. Scatter 300 thousand Western Armenian refugees now located in Armenia across the breadth of Russia.”

Yura Torosyan

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