The Paulicians in World History

From the Eclectic Review in the 1800s. The Paulicians from Armenia traveled west and established the first Christian Kingdoms in Bulgaria, Romania, Germany, France, and Spain.

There are Armenian khatchkars in the Basque country with the Armenian symbol of eternity on them, and old Churches in Spain with Armenian symbolism and architecture built by the Paulicians.

After they were hunted down, persecuted, and killed all over Europe for trying to preserve the ancient secrets of the ages and ‘Armenian-Christianity’, they left Spain and sailed toward America.

The majority of the conquistadors were Paulicians or Spaniards with Armenian ancestries like the ‘Lopez De Armenia’ dynasty and family.

When these Christians arrived at the shores of America they named it ‘Nueva Armenia’ (New Armenia), which is why many regions today in Honduras, Belize, Ecuador, Columbia, and some of the Mayan foothills are named ‘Armenia’.

Just like the many lies written about the Paulicians over the centuries which you find online today, there were also many lies written about the Spaniards that supposedly fought against the Aztec and Inca empires.

The truth has been distorted, and it is a lot more complex. The temples, reliefs, and ancient epics tell an entirely different story.

Many of these Christians considered America to be their new home, and they married native women and believed they could teach the truth about Christ and Christianity.

The great pagan lie

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