The Reality of Western Armenia

The Reality of Western ArmeniaIt would be a mistake to believe that the government of Turkey avoids adapting territories of Western Armenia to their policies, fearing the probable reclamation of the region by Armenia and possible expenses.

At the initiative of Turkish government, intensive construction works are taking place on the territory of Western Armenia (now Eastern Anatolia Region, Turkey). Furthermore, during that works all visible and indisputable traces of past Armenian presence are being wiped out.

Another method of concealment of historical facts in Turkish government’s arsenal is the modification of the educational system in such a way that every subject is taught by only Turks and in Turkish language, which facilitates the processes of propaganda and falsification.

Today, even if the non-Turkish origin of Western Armenia is ever mentioned, you’ll only hear about the kingdom of Urartu which has allegedly no relation to Armenian nation whatsoever.  Documented events, facts and DNA data about the direct connection between modern Armenian people and people of ancient states of Armenian Upland seem to have no effect on the falsification policy.

Ethnic Kurds living in Turkey avoid speaking in their own language and even pretend to not understand it, so we have a right to consider that nothing has changed in Turkish policy in last 100 years. In fact, that policy of oppression of people of foreign ideas and religion has remained the same for some 500 years.

Great contributions to falsification of Armenian history have been made by Russian historians Igor Mikhailovich Diakonoff and Boris Borisovich Piotrovski.

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Արևմտյան Հայաստան. Մերօրյա իրականությունը

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  1. Those who think that the Genocide in the beginning of the twentieth century is over, are totally wrong! Armenians, Assyrians, Siriani Kadim, Greeks are all not welcome in Turkey. While there was some western interest in this communities, we were armed to combat Kurds and Turks till the western power established itself definitely in Irak, Persia, and even in modern Turkey. Now they shut their eyes over the Christian`s survival. Now they promote the independence of the Kurds, that in reality are invaders of the area, but those who know the western policy know that the Kurds at the end will also be abandoned by USA, Britain and all western governments. Be sure the Irak and Syria wars are coming to an end and we shall see this happen! Islamic Fundamentalism is growing bigger in Turkey with Erdogan´s support.

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