The Speech of David Bek – Sero Khanzadyan

The Speech of David Bek

“I summoned you to say my last word. The freedom conquered with blood will not live long if the spirit of struggle weakens and our unity shatters. Unity is the source of all our blessings, but discord is the source of evil and strife which kill a good deed.

Always remember: our ancestors lost their kingdoms and their power whenever unity and love for each other disappeared. And the enemies, dividing us into parts, turned us into ruined herds that were obedient to them.

Now, you, with the help of God, are free from this deadly evil. Find and mercilessly exterminate those who try to infect you with the vice of schism. This is my first word.

Then, do not believe flattering enemies who pretend to be friends to lead you into temptation. Enough! We have too often been deceived by flatterers…”

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