The Tragic End Of The Comedies Of Trabzon And Batumi On June 8, 1918

We present to your attention an issue of the “Ashkhatank” newspaper (under the ARF Party Dashnaktsutsyun) from 1918. An excerpt from an article dated June 8!

From this publication, the contradiction that existed between the Armenian National Councils of Tbilisi and Yerevan in connection with the Batumi negotiations becomes obvious. Though despite criticism, the Armenian National Council of Yerevan was finally forced to agree with the results of the Batumi negotiations.

“The comedy ended with drama. It finally happened…

It all ended with a flick of a pen. Future hopes and dreams were buried, leaving a grim reality behind – depressing, hot-grilled, terrifying to death. The comedies of Trabzon and Batumi had an unexpected and tragic end, crowding out the Armenian people and enslaving them.

The insidious and conspiratorial enemy again succeeded, deceivingly doing what it could not have done with the force of arms…

We are no longer the heirs of our old, sacred heroes, our previous revolutionary generation.”

“Ashkhatank”, Year, Saturday, June 8 (26), 1918, No. 6 (206)

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