The Traitorous Instruction of the Armenian Bolsheviks Before the Invasion of the 11th Red Army – 1920

The Traitorous Instruction of the Armenian BolsheviksThe main doers of the Armenian Communist Party signed a traitorous instruction in 1920 right before the invasion of the 11th Red Army that was rushing to the rescue of Turkish aggressors who attacked Armenia from the south. Streets of Yerevan, the capital of Armenia, still bear the names of those doers.

The Central Committee of the Communists (Bolsheviks) of Armenia prescribed all party organizations to carry out propaganda against the Turkish-Armenian war (September 24 – December 2, 1920) among Armenian soldiers both in the rear and on the front, especially those in the Kars garrison, given the following facts:

1. Current Turkey is no longer the old Sultan Turkey, and it does not pursue aggressive goals towards Armenia.

2. Kemalist Turkey is an ally of Soviet Russia and is fighting for its liberation against the imperialist powers — Britain, France, and Greece.

3. The victory of republican Armenia over Turkey will mean the strengthening of imperialism in the Middle East and will endanger the victory of the Revolution in Transcaucasia, and vice versa – the defeat of republican Armenia will accelerate the Sovietization of the whole of Transcaucasia, as well as of the East.

4. The task of the Armenian Communist Bolsheviks should be to accelerate the defeat of republican Armenia, which will in its turn accelerate the Sovietization of Armenia. For this purpose, it is necessary:

1. To decompose the Armenian army by all means:

o Contribute to desertion and in every way impede mobilization,

o Convince soldiers on the fronts not to shoot at the advancing Turkish soldiers and instead leave their positions and return home,

o Disobey the orders of officers and, if necessary, eliminate them.

2. To inculcate the soldiers of Republican Armenia that a victorious Turkish army is a revolutionary army that not only won’t presume any violence against the defeated country but also won’t harm the civilian population and will help the working people of Armenia break free from the domination of the accomplices of the imperialists, the Dashnaks.

3. To again and again explain that, after freeing itself from the Dashnaks, Armenia will immediately establish contact with Soviet Russia and will put an end to the war forever. And the region devastated by famine and constant conflicts will be filled with Russian bread and will take part in the great cause of the revolution.

Note. Read in private meetings and burn after reading.

Members of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Bolsheviks of Armenia Sarkis Kasyan, Askanaz Mravyan, Avis Nurijanyan, Shavarsh Amirkhanyan, Isaak Dovlatyan, Ashot Hovhannisyan.
Number 218 Baku, September 20, 1920 Source:

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