The Water of Armenia Gives Me Strength and Power for New Battles – Tigran the Great

The Water of Armenia Gives Me Strength and PowerAmong the kings of Armenia, Tigran II (Great) was the most powerful, brave and prudent ruler of the Armenian nation.

It was thanks to him that Armenia’s borders stretched from the Mediterranean to the Caspian Sea. In the country, even simple traders had plenty of gold and silver. And peasant women decorated their headdresses with precious stones and flaunted in colorful clothes.

Under Tigran the Great, the infantry moved onto horses, the slingers became well-aimed archers, and archers got impenetrable shields. The armor shining in the sun and the glittering steel of the weapons of the Armenian regiments aroused the thrill of the enemy and suppressed their fighting spirit.

Some of the habits of Tigran the Great: He ate modestly, behaved in an exemplary manner at binges and feasts. He wasn’t attracted by pleasures. He loved truthful servants, judged fairly, did not envy the best, and did not despise the inferior. And his care and patronage extended to everyone.

But he had quite royal habits. Returning from his distant crusades, he always chose the roads past the waterfalls on the outskirts of Armenia. Even if the path was short, the king still preferred long routes with waterfalls to it. Upon returning to his palace, he was refreshed by cold water.

Of course, people close to him did not ask questions about this strange habit. They were glad that the king had at least some whim. But still, they could not wait to ask him directly about it.

And one day, someone asked. The king, who did not like to explain what, in his opinion, was understandable, this time relented and said:

“I bathe in the streams of waterfalls in order to clear myself of foreign dust, to again feel everything Armenian, native, and the spirit of my ancestors. The water of Armenia gives me strength and power for new battles.”


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