The world scientific community is an accomplice in the falsification of ancient history of Armenia

1. KARAHAN (right top and bottom) and PORTASAR (left top and bottom) are both ancient Armenian sites in ancient Armenian Highlands, not too far from one another.

2. Karahan site is older than Portasar.

3. Both designated site names are Armenian.

4. More than 95% of the ancient Armenian lands are now within borders of newer countries of Turkey, Georgia, Azerbaijan and Iran.

5. Consequently, all excavations and archeological digs some in those land exclude Armenian involvement, which forces misappropriation and unjustified inheritance of ancient Armenian culture and heritage in unrelated cultures.

If one keeps this perspective in mind, easier it will be to understand ancient history from a more realistic standpoint and see the current world academia as an accomplice to falsification of ancient Armenian history.

Setyan Vahan

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