The Young Armenian Generation in Ignorance

The Young Armenian Generation in Ignorance

Armenian cinema owes our people a great debt. The young generation of Armenians is growing in ignorance about their heroes, and the rare historical films shot back in the Soviet period, as a rule, glorify not the worthiest representatives of our people.

Even today, we can see films about Kamo or Atarbekov, on our television screens can still be seen the “bright image” of the bastard Sarkis Kasyan or the staunch traitor Avis Nuridzhanyan.

Moreover, several times a year, the film “Zangezur” bursts into our homes. It was shot with the aim of developing a negative attitude towards eminent military man, statesman, philosopher, and great Armenian Garegin Nzhdeh among the Armenian youth.

You may try and “understand” those undoubtedly talented but weak-willed people who did not find the courage to refuse to make films or write screenplays, music, or songs that contradict the national ideology of the Armenian people.

But can we reconcile with these works continuing to burst into our homes? What can we do when our domestic television is producing empty TV shows that teach young people how to live by “thief concepts”?

How to reconcile with the fact that more than two decades after the victory over the aggressor, the Armenian cinema hasn’t seen any more or less serious film about the nationwide feat?

Is making a patriotic film unprofitable? Or maybe the box office won’t pay back the cost of shooting a movie?

Did Soghomon Tehlirian, approaching the executioner Talaat along a Berlin street with a gun in his hands, think about the future glory? Did thousands of our heroes think about future dividends when sacrificing their lives for the peace of the Armenian people, peace in our homes?

Today, when we are all proudly recalling the unfading feat of the Pan-Armenian Avenger, is forced to refer to a small, naive, but very piercing and sincere work.

We’ll see, friends. We’ll see and sing.Levon Melik Shahnazaryan

Taleati mah@ (gini lic)

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