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These People Need to Be Known About

YouTube channel Աշխարհազոր ՀԿ (Militiamen of Armenia) presented a series of documentaries about the heroes of the Artsakh War of 1992-1994.

Unfortunately, in Armenia, the culture of familiarizing the society with ordinary people, Armenians who did not hesitate for a second to sacrifice their lives for others and their homeland, is underdeveloped.

These people should be known about. They need to be remembered, as well as talked and taught about in schools.

One of the Armenian militiamen wasGevorg Hambartsumyan (08/31/1958 – 04/21/1994), a warrior, painter, sculptor, and poet. He participated in the liberation battles of the Martakert region.

On April 21, 1994, in the area of Karmiravan, his detachment was surrounded. Gevorg together with 13 other soldiers from the detachment took the fire, ensuring the safe retreat of the others.

Gevorg Hambartsumyan was posthumously awarded the Order of the Military Cross of the Republic of Armenia and Artsakh of 2nd degree.

Ճանաչենք մեր հերոսներին. ԳԵՎՈՐԳ ՀԱՄԲԱՐՁՈՒՄՅԱՆ

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