Tiran Haykazn – First Armenian Scientist Since Tigran II the Great

Tiran Haykazn - First Armenian ScientistThe first most famous Armenian scientist, as well as teacher, grammarian, orator, and sage was Tiran Haykazn. He was known as “a wise and experienced husband.”

He lived and created 400 years before the world-famous Armenian teacher and rhetorician Paruyr Haykazn (Prohaeresius, c. 276 – 368). Tiran Haykazn was born in the 1st century BC in the Asia Minor city of Amisos (today Samsun) of the Pontic kingdom.

According to Greek biographer and essayist Plutarch, Tiran was captured by Lucullus and taken to Rome in 67 BC, where he became an apprentice to Dionysius Thrax, a grammarian with worldwide fame. Haykazn studied ancient languages and became one of the most famous linguists of the Ancient World. The Armenian scholar mastered a number of languages and was proclaimed an expert in oratory.

The activities of Tiran were also addressed by famous Greek historian and geographer Strabo, who was a student of Tiran’s lectures, and Roman historian Souidas. They testify that the Armenian scholar created a huge library in Rome including about 30 thousand volumes. In the house of famous orator and politician Cicero, he opened a school where he taught grammar and oratory.

Arshaluis Zurabyan

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