Turkey Acquired Chemical Weapons From Nazi Germany For The Dersim Massacre

Recently revealed documents show that the founder of the Turkish Republic Atatürk acquired chemical weapons from Nazi Germany in 1937 and used them during the Dersim rebellion.

The Turkish state killed tens of thousands of civilians in 1937-1938 in Dersim and northern Kurdistan. Documents show that Atatürk ordered the transport of toxic gas to Dersim for use against civilians. In 1937, Atatürk argued with Hitler that killing civilians with poison gas was not a crime, after which Hitler did the same with Jews in Germany.

Former Turkish Foreign Minister İhsan Sabri Çağlayangil admitted that the Turkish army also used chemical weapons against women and children in the caves of Dersim.

Nazi Germany provided Heinkel aircraft to Turkey as well. These airplanes carried out gas attacks on Dersim. Atatürk’s adoptive daughter, Sabiha Gökçen, was one of the pilots bombing Dersim during the rebellions.


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