Turkey’s dissatisfaction with the “Eagle Path” in Sardarapat

In the memorial complex of Sardarapat, on the right side of the Victory Path, there are huge sculptures of five eagles with proudly raised heads and a vigilant gaze. The total height of the sculptures is 6 m.

“In the process of work, we felt that there was not enough word (spirit), there was not enough power. We raised upward the eagles here – like warriors who brought victory. Their souls are turned to people, as if saying:” we exist, we are with you, we in you”, – this is how the architect Rafael Israelian said about the future “Eagle Path”.

However, the “Eagle Path”, which we look at with pride today, once aroused Turkey’s discontent․ There was a reason for this.

Initially, it was assumed that the eagles should face the southern Turkish border of Armenia, which was the reason for Turkey’s discontent, since Turkey saw this as a threat to its statehood.

After the official protest of the Turkish authorities, the Soviet government instructed the authors of the sculptures to direct the gaze of the eagles to the territory of Armenia.

Installing the sculptures of eagles, the authors emphasized the meaning of the symbols, creating the embodiment of the “Forces of Awakening”, which symbolize the heroes of the battle, their strength, spirit and courage, determination at all times to defend their country, and the grief of women mourning the dead.

And, despite the protests and threats from Turkey, the Eagles continue to proudly stand in their place, symbolizing that the Armenians are always ready to fight if necessary.

Source: Orbeli brothers Museum – Օրբելի եղբայրների տուն-թանգարան Translation Art-A-Tsolum

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