Turkish Authorities Continue To Deny The Obvious

The former residence of the President of Turkey, the Çankaya Mansion where many anti-Armenian decisions have been made, is the property of Armenians.

This fact became known in 2007 when an article was published in Hurriyet, the main state newspaper of Turkey. The author of the article claimed that a wealthy Armenian jeweler has sold the palace to a Turk.

This article was read by the last descendant of the Kasabyan family living in Canada. He spoke about the tragedy of his family and stated that their house was not sold. The Kasabyan family palace was captured by the Turkish state.

The Armenian Genocide carried out by the Turkish government in Ottoman Turkey in 1915 did not bypass the Kasabyan family. They have been removed from their home by force.

Before that, the Turks had promised them that their family would be taken to another country. But as in all such cases, this was another lie of the Turkish authorities, as a result of which one of the richest families of Ankara, the Kasabyan family, was nearly exterminated. Only a few survived, one of whom was the son-in-law of Kasabyans…

More details: Հայերին ունեզրկած թուրքերը շարունակում են համառորեն ժխտել եղելությունը:

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