Unique photo of the delegation of the First Republic of Armenia in the USA-1919

Official delegation of the government of the First Republic of Armenia to the United States in 1919.

During that difficult period for the newly independent Armenia, full of refugees, the Armenian delegation was able to solve the food problem of the country by delivering 1.3 million sacks of flour, a large amount of grain and canned foods to Armenia.

In the bottom row from left to right. RA Finance Minister Artashes Enfiajyan, Prince, General, later RA Ambassador to Great Britain Hakob Bagratuni, RA Prime Minister Hovhannes Kajaznuni, General Andranik Ozanyan, RA Parliamentary Deputy, Professor Abraham Ter-Hakobyan.

From left to right in the top row. Member of the agricultural delegation Harutyun (Artem) Piralyan, member of the military delegation Mikael Ter-Poghosyan, Captain Suren Melikyan, Ambassador of the Republic of Armenia to the United States Armen Garo Pastrmadzhyan, head of the military delegation, Colonel Hayk Bonapartian.

Source: Orbeli brothers Museum – Օրբելի եղբայրների տուն-թանգարան From Lilit Hovhannisyan’s page Translation Art-A-Tsolum

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