Victims Of Stalinist Repression – One Hundred Thousand Armenians

In the period between 1920-1953, about 45 thousand people became victims of Stalinist repressions in Armenia, 13 thousand of them only as a result of deportation on June 14, 1949. This specific figure does not cover the psychological, moral, and social deprivations to which their families were subjected.

There is no data on the post-Stalin era. If we talk about the Armenian victims in the USSR, including the deportation of Crimean and Hamshen Armenians, then there is no exact data. According to the 1926 census, the population of Armenia was 800 thousand 464 people, of which 743 thousand 571 were Armenians.

The number of ethnic Armenians throughout the USSR at that time was 1 million 567 thousand 568 people. This number included Armenians in Armenia and other Soviet republics.

And, despite the fact that the exact figures about the Armenians, the victims of the repressions, are not known, one can talk about a figure of approximately one hundred thousand, mainly from Azerbaijan, Georgia, and Russia.

Hranush Kharatyan

Victims Of Stalinist Repression – One Hundred Thousand Armenians

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