Which Country Authored the Concept “Armenia Without Armenians”?

Which Country Authored the Concept

The king of which country wrote that Armenians should be destroyed with the support of Muslims?

Who defined the borders of the provinces in such a way that the lands of historical Armenia with a predominantly Armenian population (Utik, Artsakh, Syunik, Lori, and Javakhk) remained in the Elisabethpol and Tiflis provinces so that later these lands would remain outside Armenia and cause wars with neighbors?

Who at the beginning of the 20th century armed the Muslim neighbors of the Armenians in the South Caucasus to organize pogroms?

Which country officially declared and made the principle of “Armenia without Armenians” its policy?

By order of which state all Armenian schools of Armenia were shut down and the property of the Armenian church was confiscated?

Before the eyes of the army of which country all the Armenians of Western Armenia were exterminated and deported, with this army not rendering any assistance to the Armenians?

Who under the pretext of a false retreat in 1915 destroyed the Armenian state of Vaspurakan and drove the Armenians out from their homeland to the north?

Which state settled Cossacks on the empty lands of Western Armenia?

Which state withdrew its troops from Armenia in 1917 so that Turkish troops would occupy Armenia and made a false statement about the self-determination of Western Armenia?

Which country revived dying Turkey by providing the Turks with a large amount of armament, uniforms, and gold?

Which country has concluded an agreement with Turkey for dividing Armenia between itself and the Turks?

With whom did Kemal negotiate the Turkish invasion of the Kars region?

Under whose order letters from Baku were sent to Armenia with instructions for agents to render any assistance to the Turkish attacking army in order to foster the defeat of the Armenian army and Armenia in 1920?

Whose army entered what remained of Armenia and destroyed the Armenian statehood?

Which army fought for seizing Zangezur and transferring it to Azerbaijan?

Which country separated Kars and Surmalu from Armenia and in 1921 declared them Turkish lands with a special treaty?

In 1921, which country presented Nakhichevan to Azerbaijan and also annexed Sharur to Nakhichevan, thereby separating it from Armenia?

Which country gave Artsakh to Azerbaijan in 1921?

Which country has officially declared that it has no territorial claims against Turkey?

In 1988, the leadership of which country declared the inviolability of the borders of Azerbaijan and the permanent inclusion of Artsakh in Azerbaijan?

This is not about making Russia an enemy but about better knowing who Russia is and not connecting hopes of returning our lands with it.

Excerpt from “The law of the exclusion of the third force” by Rafael Ishkhanyan, 1991

David Fidanyan

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