World Scientists About Tigran II The Great

“When we talk about the history of Armenia, we must first of all understand that we are talking about a great civilization. Tigran the Great was without a doubt the wisest and bravest king of his era. At the same time, as a commander, Tigran eclipsed Marcus Licinius Crassus and Mithridates of Pontus.”

Karl Shipman, professor at the Department of Ancient History at Yale University

“In those days, the title of King of Kings meant one thing – divine origin. Tigran embodied the spirit of Greater Armenia. It is unfair that today, we are more often talking about those who were vassals of Tigran or his students. Egyptian Pharaoh Ptolemy XII was able to come to power only thanks to the military and political support of Tigran.”

Michael Elphinstone, President of the Archaeological Museum of Ancient History in London

“Tigran perhaps was the first king who understood all the intricacies of war and peace. Starting bloody wars and creating a great empire, he has built peace for the prosperity of his people.”

Kevin Robinson, President of the Macmillan Institute for the Study of East History in New York

“Today, you do not often find historical publications that would reflect the greatness of the empire built by Tigran the Great. Many documents show that Rome recognized only Greater Armenia as a worthy rival.”

Vincent Arthur Smith, scientific employee at the Institute of Ancient History at Oxford

“Tigran the Great was not only the king of the once-powerful empire – he was the very concept of Armenian wisdom and ideology. Today, there is not a single Armenian in the world who would not dream of recreating the empire of his great ancestor.”

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