2000-Year-Old Plane Tree in Skhtorashen

2000-Year-Old Plane Tree in SkhtorashenNot far from the village of Skhtorashen in Martuni district of the Republic of Artsakh, you can find a huge plane tree with an age of about 2035 years.

Plane trees have been considered trees of life by ancient people. It is the oldest kind of a tree growing not only in Armenia but every country of the past Soviet Union.

In terms of size, the Skhtorashen plane tree exceeds the famous trees of the island of Kos in the Aegean Sea and the trees of the Piruse canyon near Ashgabat. Maybe its size is the main reason for the locals to consider the Tndzhri, as it is called here, a sacred tree.

Near the tree beats the affluent Tendzhru spring, which from times immemorial quenched the thirst of the peasants returning from the fields, turned watermills, and fed the huge tree.

According to an inscription near the spring, it was built by the residents of Skhtorashen Hovhannes Kisibekyan, Nerses Musaelyan, and Manas Gasparyan.

Схторашенский платан (Тнджри)

2000 -ամյա չինարի ծառ Ղարաբաղում

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