An Armenian Women’s Dress Described by Adren Holt

An Armenian Women’s Dress Described by Adren HoltIn the book “Wonderful dresses” or “What is worn at fantastic balls”, Adren Holt describes many different types of fancy dresses and tips on what to wear them on a trendy ball. The book also features an Armenian lady’s dress, described in the image:

Armenian in Fig. 1 wears a soft silk Princess robe opening down the front over a white chemisette, a silk scarf of many colors round the waist, short open jacket bordered with ball trimming, sleeves pendent from elbow, matching the skirt, striped head-dress, rows of beads and jeweled necklace.

In the country, they wear shoes with toes turning upwards, full silk trousers, a white muslin under-dress, open at the neck; a silk scarf around the waist; velvet embroidered coat, opening wide in front, occasionally showing a gold embroidered waistcoat; the round cap of velvet, which may be supplemented by a beaded fringe over the forehead; hair in plaits, and yachmush out of doors.

Handsome silver clasps are sometimes added to the belt. Long gauze veil and plenty of ornaments admissible.

Source: PeopleOfAr

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