Arco del Coronadero, Spain. Gran Canaria

The conical Arco del Coronadero is considered the largest arch on the island. In front of the arch in the direction of the rising sun, we can observe a cliff with exactly 36 towers of reddish lahas, several towers practically hanging from a cliff, others looking up, indicating different alignments.

There are various interpretations regarding the arch’s meaning, but recent studies have shown a spectacular alignment that occurs on the winter solstice, December 21, when a ray of sunlight crosses the small arch of El Coronadero and completely illuminates one of the northern towers, projecting a phallic shadow on the opposite wall of a ravine, next to an inverted triangle like a woman pubic. Coincidence or not … but the phenomenon itself exists.

Such places are usually interpreted as archaeoastronomic constructions, i.e. structures reflecting their knowledge of the ancients.

They are considered sacred to the aborigines, here they carried out their cultural practices.

Нана Геруни

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